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If you’ve been following my antics on Instagram the last couple of days, you’ll know the following: I’m currently in Seoul where I attended the preview of Mademoiselle Privé, an exhibition that gives you an up-close and personal view of Chanel’s origins and the French luxury house’s many sources of inspiration. The second chapter of this exhibition (the first Mademoiselle Privé was held in London in 2015), it will run from 23 June to 19 July 2017 at D Museum. Chanel fans, if you’re heading to Seoul anytime soon, this is THE place you want to go to get an even better understanding of the brand you love.

So what can you expect from this exhibition? Lots. From the moment you step into the museum, you are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling installation of Gabrielle Chanel’s Coromandel lacquered screens’ patterns that span over the staircase as you walk down towards the next exhibit. There’s a room devoted to Gabrielle Chanel’s first boutique that originally just sold hats, there’s another room featuring large totem sculptures that reference Chanel’s codes and symbols –lucky charms, patterns, specific colours, basically all that was dear to Coco Chanel now reinterpreted by Karl Lagerfeld.

There’s a room dedicated to the iconic fragrance, N°5. There’s a fabric maze made up of everything used at Chanel’s ateliers (think large swaths of lace, silk chiffon and tweed hung from ceiling to floor) that you have to make your way through.

On the second floor it gets even better. Going through or in this case, going past Coco Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé studio door, you are greeted by 17 actresses, models and friends of the house, wearing Haute Couture and adorned with high jewellery from the Bijoux de Diamants collection. Also my favourite space in the whole exhibition, this is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel at his best, bringing together large-scale portraits printed on paper-thin sheets that flutter up and down as exhibit constantly moves.

There’s a giant cage at the back of the hall featuring the above-mentioned jewellery pieces, and there’s a ‘photo-booth’ featuring black and whites of all your favourites (if you are a fan of G-Dragon, Irene Kim and Soo Joo Park, this is where you head straight into).

Another Chanel experience that should not be missed, it’s also free admission to all; you just have to download the Mademoiselle Privé app via App Store to book your tickets. There are also workshops scheduled, including one for Lesage (embroiderer), another for Lemarié (feather and flower maker), one for high jewellery and N°5 workshops highlighting the craftsmanship and savoir-faire of Chanel. In other words, don’t miss out!

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When it’s the summer, prepare for the fall. And when it’s fall, prepare for the summer. Chloe is about the drop the Fall Winter 2017 Collection and it’s a good thing to check what we can expect from the handbags. In this post, we will be covering the most beautiful handbags and we can already hint you that round and curvy are the new trend at Chloe’s house.


It’s either the updated version of the latest Nile Bag or it’s a new Nile-inspired handbag. The top is crafted with metal handles, but the last time Chanel tried it, our community didn’t like it. But Chloe might change the game as they have their own style – casual chic. If you take a closer look, the round shape, the soft suede leather combined with leather curved decoration does look ladylike and stunning. The handles in gold enhance the design by making it more elegant and stylish. So what do you think? Go or a no go?


Part suede and part leather (usually the flap) is the new trend set by Chloe. This new combo of leathers is embellished in the latest classic Faye handbag. The Chloe Drew Bag is following the trend and for the Fall Winter 2017 Collection, new styles will be introduced, but also new colors. The part suede and part leather design is quite interesting – the suede creates a softer side of the shade while the leather is boosting it. And together with the jewelry-like chain, the bag looks stunning.















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First Chanel Price Increase for Most of Europe in 2017

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While you were sleeping (and possibly planning that next handbag purchase), Chanel increased its prices in much of Europe. In typical Chanel fashion, there was no warning aside from rumors circulating on the PurseForum that I’ve been following for a while. (I’ve been told often that tPF breaks news before even the majority of sales associates know about it.) There’s a bit of good news and bad news, so I’m here to break it down for you.

Good (?) news is that the price increase only affected mainland Europe and took effect Monday. If you’re in the USA like we are, you are fine, as well as other countries including Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and more. While a price increase is always a rather unfortunate reality, this one wasn’t one of Chanel’s worst, as the brand has been known to raise its prices by up to 10% in the past.

The price increases range from 5% to 7%, depending on the item, while some seasonal styles and the newly released Chanel Gabrielle Bag were not impacted.

Flap Bags 5%
Reissue Bags 5%
Wallet on Chains 7%
Boy Bags 7%
Wallets 5%

You can check out on the European site to see newly updated prices. We will work on updating our Chanel price list, but to give some examples of the changes, the WOC went from €1740 to €1865, the Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap went from €4750 to €4990 and the Chanel New Medium Boy Bag went from €4150 to €4440.

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Wallets are a must-have in any woman’s bag and if you are on a hunt to finding a stylish and unique wallet, it looks like Hermes got you covered. Taking its cue and inspiration from surfboards are these innovative Hermes Surf Wallets.

Made from genuine Epson leather paired with silver plated palladium finish hardware, these Surf Wallets are very compact and chic thus they’re ideal to bring anywhere you go. By closer look you will notice that the zipper is in silver finishing but that’s not all it has to offer. You can also spot that there is an ‘H’ logo which stands for Hermes on the end side of the zipper. You know what they say, the beauty is in the details.

Even tough it’s designed by Hermes, this wallet does look a bit like a pencil pouch. These Surf Wallets come in different colors like Colvael and Lime. The short one is measured 6 x 12 cm and are priced ¥79920 JPY, the long one is measured ¥91800 JPY via Hermes boutiques.






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Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 Velvet GG Marmont

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Ever so often I ‘stumble’ into Gucci’s website just to have a look to see what’s new at Italian luxury house, one that has taken ‘more-is-more-is-more’ to a whole new level and experiencing commercial success, with its robust sales proving that Alessandro Michele’s Gucci is here to stay.

Which brings us to today’s find, a bag introduced during Michele’s tenure and a classic-in-the-making, the GG Marmont. What’s different from these ones as opposed to the ones in calfskin or suede leathers that have preceded it is the addition of these intensely gorgeous floral appliqués and embroidery that really lives up to it being ‘more-is-more-is-more’ on the bag’s lush velvet body.

Available in a Black or Cobalt Blue with words like Modern and Loved splashed across it, these come in a medium size that measures some 30.5 cm wide and 19 cm high. With a rather long sliding chain sling, it will sit nicely under the arm when looped over twice on the shoulder, or can be easily worn across the body when the chain is fully unfurled.

On the inside you’ll find silk satin with sufficient compartments lined up, like an internal zip slot and smartphone pockets which will fit even the larger phones some of us have grown so used to. Spring the flap back shut and turn it around and you’ll find that the iconic embroidered heart is still there, just a little reminder that you’re always loved, especially when you feel down.

Speaking of Loved, this GG Marmont has the word detailed with pearls, which would explain its slightly higher price point of SGD3870 as compared to Modern which is priced at SGD3390.


For those who prefer something smaller (and cuter), there’s also this GG Marmont in Mini that comes in Cobalt Blue (SGD5480). Measuring 21.5 cm by13 cm, this little number comes embroidered with crystal dragonflies and flowers, a truly standout piece that will go with most anything in your wardrobe, provided you have the attitude to match.

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Sunniva Vaatevik stars in Dior Magazine

Sunniva Vaatevik stars in Dior Magazine

Appearing in the latest issue of Dior Magazine, rising star Sunniva Vaatevik wears chic ensembles from the French brand’s spring-summer 2017 collection. Lensed by Charlotte Wales, the blonde beauty embraces sleek shapes and statement accessories. Sunniva rocks black and white looks chosen by stylist Charlotte Collet. The short-haired looker stands out in chic bralettes, quilted jackets and embroidered bags.


Photographed in black and white, Sunniva Vaatevik wears large framed sunglassesPhotographed in black and white, Sunniva Vaatevik wears large framed sunglassesSunniva Vaatevik wears Dior bralette and embroidered bagSunniva Vaatevik wears Dior bralette and embroidered bagModel Sunniva Vaatevik shows off blunt haircutModel Sunniva Vaatevik shows off blunt haircutSunniva Vaatevik poses in little black dress, logo embroidered bag and knee-high boots from DiorSunniva Vaatevik poses in little black dress, logo embroidered bag and knee-high boots from DiorStriking a pose, Sunniva Vaatevik wears Dior jacket, skirt, wallet and heelsStriking a pose, Sunniva Vaatevik wears Dior jacket, skirt, wallet and heelsDressed in white, Sunniva Vaatevik models Dior quilted jacket, pants and logo embellished bagDressed in white, Sunniva Vaatevik models Dior quilted jacket, pants and logo embellished bag

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