Patek Philippe’s latest creation brings minute repeater and world time complications in one watch

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Swiss master watchmaker Patek Philippe’s ‘The Art Of Watches Grand Exhibition’ in New York saw the launch of some very, very special timepieces; but amongst them is watch that boasts some rare qualities you don’t even see on the most luxurious and expensive watches. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5531R World Time Minute Repeater New York 2017 Special Edition watch is an amazing new grand complication that melodiously chimes the time for any location in the world – a world first. Such a unique minute repeater involved significant changes to Patek Philippe’s traditional watchmaking process.

Patek Philippe Ref. 5531 World Time Minute Repeater for the first time brings the rare combination of minute repeater and world time complications together under one Patek Philippe case. The watches that have combined the two, there hasn’t been any functional mechanical connection between the repeater and the world time complication. In the 5531R, the repeater will chime the local time, wherever in the world the wearer happens to be. If for instance, your home city is New York but you have changed the reference city to Paris, the 5531R will chime Paris rather than New York time. Introduced in two versions, each in a series of just five pieces, the all-new grand complication watch retails for $561,341

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Tiffany & Co.: Meet New Face Lady Gaga

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No, this ain’t a Perfect Illusion, it’s confirmed that Lady Gaga will be representing Tiffany & Co. in its latest jewellery collection, HardWearunder the Legendary Style campaign. The campaign will be aired as a 60 second film during the Super Bowl on 5 February.


There are probably a Million Reasons why Gaga was chosen as the face of the campaign. Confidence, femininity, authenticity amongst others… but with a collection like Hardwear that’s supposedly hard and soft all at once, there could be no one better than Gaga. Embodying the strength and soul of modern New York, the collection is one that consists of a beautiful selection of earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants.

Tiffany’s HardWear collection will be available in-stores worldwide on 28 April, with pre-orders available from 5 February onwards. More good news for those who are fans of Super Bowl and Lady Gaga – not only will Lady Gaga be performing in the half-time show this year, it will also be the first time ever that Tiffany and Co. will air a campaign during the Super Bowl. And that’s something we can’t miss out on.

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Pandora Valentines’ 2017 Collection

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Think PANDORA and a few things come to mind, such as the lovely collect-them-all charms. Getting your girl a new charm for that special milestone – an anniversary, the first kiss, birthdays… the list goes on. Because a PANDORA bracelet is meant to be decked up with charms, charms and more charms! Right?

Speaking of love and anniversaries, one very special day is coming right up. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s Valentine’s, and today’s post is all about their novelties made specially to commemorate the occasion.

First up we have the Struck By Love charm. It’s a cute piece that holds a sparkling arrow and two hearts – one in a cerise pink that’s oh-so-cute. Put it together with the new Moments Silver Bracelet which comes with a Sparking Heart clasp and you’ve got yourself an edgy two-toned bracelet accented with a cute pink heart on the charm.

The Love Struck series comes with more cerise pink, which is perfect for the ladies who love pink. The Cerise Encased in Love charm and Cerise Heart Glass charm scream love like no other.

If you haven’t taken a look at PANDORA’s rather innovative Floating Locket, you should. It’s a locket that you can fill with small items simply known as petites. Because we’re all in the mood for love, this Love Feelingpetites – a special series released for Valentine’s – contains 3 icons: an arrow, the word Love, and a magenta enamel heart (which is more pink if you ask me!).

If pink is not your thing, fear not. PANDORA has two other add-ons that feature the simple yet beautiful words ‘Love You’.

Featuring two-tones – this time in silver and gold (just how do you say no to these two!), I particularly love the dangle which bears an ‘I Love You’ engraving and a 14k gold heart embellishment. It’s named the Love You Forever dangle, the other two-tone charm the Love Script.


Also featured in this series are the Forever Hearts ring and necklace. The necklace sits beautifully in the shape of a cut-out heart, while the ring features two heart-shaped cubic zirconia stones which seem to carefully touch each other, but not quite entirely. Simple, yet beautiful.


Speaking of simple and beautiful, this Sparkling Bow bangle caught my eye. Something different from all the bracelets and charms, this bracelet is from the Ribbons Of Love series. Meant to be stackable with your other PANDORA bangles and bracelets, there’s something about this embellished ribbon on the bangle that says a certain quiet sophistication. Ribbons are actually one of PANDORA’s icons and rounding up this series is a ring and a gift set that contains a necklace and a pair of matching earrings. Not loud at all, pieces from this collection will sit nicely on the girl-next-door or when worn on that quiet night out with your loved one.

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Latest Dior Bag Charm For Spring Summer 2017 Collection

It’s a new year, a new beginning and Dior has just launched a series of fresh bags for the Spring Summer 2017 Collection. These latest handbags will mostly be presented with the fashion house’s logo on the front, however some bags will be crafted with heart-melting words like J’Adore.


New Dior Chain

What’s even more interesting, is the new bold chain, it’s designed with a touch of vintage. This chain is feminine and gorgeous, but it doesn’t fit with the classic DIOR charm that usually comes with the iconic bag.


The Classic Dior Bag Charm


The classic DIOR charm has been the house’s darling for many years and it has been attached to the Lady Dior Bag, Be Dior Bag, Diorissimo Bag and all other classic accessories. Perhaps it’s about time for a small change.

The design of the new DIOR charm feels much more stronger and bolder. It’s less smooth but matches to the new vintage-looking chain like a glove.

It’s unlikely that Dior will change the classic DIOR charm on the iconic handbags, but we will be seeing more and more of this new Charm in the upcoming months.

So which one do you like more? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Vivien Wysocki stars in Mujer de Hoy's December-January issueVivien Wysocki stars in Mujer de Hoy’s December-January issue

Gracing the pages of Mujer Hoy, model Vivien Wysocki turns up the shine factor in a jewelry spread. Photographer Richard Ramos captures the German model for the magazine’s December-January 2016.2017 issue. Stylist Verónica Suárez dresses Vivien in sparkling gems as well as statement tops. From elegant pearls to pendant necklaces, the blonde beauty sparkles in each shot. For beauty, David Carreiro works on her mussed tresses and radiant glow.


Photographed by Richard Ramos, the model stars in a jewelry spreadPhotographed by Richard Ramos, the model stars in a jewelry spreadVivien Wysocki wears lace top with pearl necklace and sparkling cuffVivien Wysocki wears lace top with pearl necklace and sparkling cuffModel Vivien Wysocki zips up in fuzzy sweaterModel Vivien Wysocki zips up in fuzzy sweaterVivien Wysocki poses with sparkling ringsVivien Wysocki poses with sparkling ringsFlashing some bling, Vivien Wysocki poses in Mujer de HoyFlashing some bling, Vivien Wysocki poses in Mujer de Hoy

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Bulgari B.zero1 Design Legend By Zaha Hadid

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The iconic B.zero1’s unmistakable symmetrical circular lines and the two intersecting circles bearing the BVLGARI logo has been one of the house’s icons ever since its launch almost twenty years ago. Bearing a number of architectural elements inspired by Rome’s famous Coliseum, there’s no better way to give the B.zero1 an update better than the design legend herself – the late, great, Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid, famous for her deconstructivism in modern architecture, evolved in her works over time. Starting with angular aggressive forms like the Vitra Fire Station, Hadid progressed toward works that epitomise fluidity and movement such as the Dongaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and the Heydar Aliyev Centre.

The B.zero1, birthed in 1999, has also evolved over the years – and with this latest interpretation, the brand is exploring a certain beauty in deconstruction. Through Zaha Hadid’s expert vision of fluidity in deconstruction, together with Bulgari’s drive for innovation and craftsmanship, this collaboration marks a new chapter for the timeless B.zero1.C

Carefully deconstructing the central band of the B.zero1, its structure and uniformity is transformed into undulating gold waves. Held together with the iconic intersecting circles engraved with the BVLGARI logo, the birth of the Design Legend was born.


Available in Singapore from April 2017 in various styles, B.zero1 Design Legend will come in pink or white gold, with pink gold available in 3 band or 4 band styles. There will also be one with 3 bands in white gold, plus a pink gold pendant that rounds up the collection nicely. No word yet on their exact retail prices so do stay tuned for more updates.

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