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The Celine Tri-fold Bag has been released on the market not too long ago, specifically during the Fall 2016 Collection and we are garnering heaps of positive feedback with this style. Minimalist yet sophisticated, the Celine Tri-fold Bag is taking the center stage and it won’t come as a surprise for us if it will become the next Celine classic.

Both functional and stylish, the Tri-fold Bag is the perfect everyday bag thanks to its versatility. This bag features a three-compartment that can easily store all your essentials and a zip closure in the middle.

It also features wide gussets to maximize its space thus making it more practical to carry anywhere you go while the leather laces on the sides give it a relaxed and a laid back touch. But if you prefer a more structured box-shaped bag then the leather laces can be conveniently tied together.

Celine Small Tri-fold Bag
Size: Unknown
Prices: in Grained Calfskin; $2900 USD, €2100 euro, £2050 GBP, $4000 SGD, $24500 HKD, ¥22500 CNY, ¥325000 JPY

Celine Medium Tri-fold Bag
Size: 15” x 9” x 5” inches
Prices: in Natural Calfskin; $3100 USD, €2200 euro, £2200 GBP, $4200 SGD, $25500 HKD, ¥25000 CNY, ¥340000 JPY












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Celine Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag Reference Guide

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Presenting the Celine Tri-Fold Shoulder Bag. The Tri-Fold was first introduced for Celine’s Fall 2016 Collection. This bag features three compartments, with the middle having a zip closure. It has leather laces on the side for securing the central compartment, and in the top front and back for closing the bag. It’s the perfect everyday bag as it can hold a lot of things, including laptop, A4 documents, cosmetic pouch, wallet, phone and other necessities.

Style, Price & Size




Celine Tri-Fold Medium Shoulder Bag $3,100.00 (USD) 15” x 9” x 5”
Celine Tri-Fold Medium Shoulder Bag (Taupe and Pale Beige) $3,250.00 (USD)
Celine Paperweight Calfskin Tri-Fold Medium Shoulder Bag $3,750.00 (USD)

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Céline F/W16 Tri-Fold

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I’ll be honest, the first time I laid eyes on Céline’s F/W16 Tri-Fold, I wasn’t impressed. It looked too big, it looked chunky, it wasn’t even structured, all qualities that I don’t fancy in a bag. Bags I usually like are small, sleek and structured. Then I took a step back and deliberated again. And it hit me. The Tri-Fold wasn’t made to be a pretty little thing, one that would perch happily on the table whilst your girlfriends and you had tea. It was made to be a workhouse that a modern OL (you know, office lady) would find extremely useful without sacrificing on style.

A bag that’s still definitely Céline, what with her wide gussets and long leather laces on a semi-glossy leather body that’s very them, it’s also called the Tri-Fold because if you looked at the bag from the top down, you’ll see 3 very distinct compartments. The middle compartment comes with a zip that runs right across it, with a side compartment holding additional patch pockets for additional organisation.

In other words, you can comfortably fit in your laptop, your A4 documents, notebooks, a portable umbrella and even a shawl, along with your wallet, keys and other bits and bobs. And because I’ve even seen it hold that much in real life (yes @plumtr3, I’m stalking your IG account) and still look good, I’m even more convinced. In other words, it’s a modern day equivalent of Doraemon’s Obtaining Bag.

Priced from SGD4200 and up in Singapore, you’ll find the Tri-Fold in many colours too, from Black to Burgundy to Moss Green, just to name a few. A bag for every day, an everyday bag. What’s not to love?

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